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Introducing myself... and pronunciation question...


I'm a 37-year-old Jewish woman who spent years in right-wing Orthodoxy (following an Orthodox conversion) and now is going in an entirely different direction.

Currently I'm davening in a Conservative shul. They do have a female cantor and call women up for aliyos (It's a big place though, with a bar or bas mitzvah every week, so there's no question of me getting one). They also include the imahos in Shemoneh Esrei.

I'm considering buying a tallis for Shabbos use, though I don't want to jump into all this feet-first. Plus, my idea of a tallis is a 60-inch one with black stripes "just like the guys," so maybe I need to reconsider.

One question I have though is this: Some years ago I trained myself to use an Ashkenazic pronunciation. While that had a lot to do with where I was at the time, and where I thought any children would end up in school (that wasn't how it happened, in the end...) I don't regret it. I rather consider it an honor, to carry on the pronunciation that so many communities used for such a long time, plus the fact that so many of them were lost. Yet, I think I may be the only one in the shul, so I'm not sure how I feel about that.
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