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Ooh, first entry

Here's the first entry, I guess this'll be an introduction from your moderator....

I'm Arona, 17, from Long Island, NY, as a traditional, egalitarian, Conservative Jew (whatever that means). I'm from the kind of family where my parents won't even say they're feminists, because that's too sexist/narrow, they're humanists instead. I wear a tallit at shacharit, and a kipa whenever I daven or study Yehadut. I chant Torah, Haftorah, and lead services at my synagogue (though not so often since we got a regular canter). I don't wear tefilin yet, mainly beceause wearing leather kind of creeps me out and I don't daven shacharit everyday, but I'm working on it. When I'm away with my youth group and we daven 3 times a day, it feels right, but it's hard to when I'm at home. That's all I can think of for now. Everyone else should post intros also, or whatever else you think is relevant.



PS If anyone wants to co-mod or help out with icons/layout, email or comment.

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