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We need to liven this place up

What's your definition of feminism/feminist? Can men be feminists?

For me, a feminist is anyone who believes in equal rights for all sexes. This isn't to say a feminist must deny differences between men and women. However, a feminist is someone who believes that traditional gender roles should be abolished. The focus is on CHOICE. A woman shouldn't be made to feel weird if she wants to be a doctor instead of a nurse, nor should a man be alienated for being nurturing. Men can and should be feminists (everyone should be!). In my women's studies class my prof and TA often make generalizations about how the white, hetero, christian, middle class, able-bodied man undermines feminism because he is so comfortable with the status quo. I dislike that attitude though, because I think all people would benefit from equality.

Of course, feminism has its shortcomings. Whether intentional or not, it often alienates men (this is counter-productive), and non-white, non-middle-class men and women. While discrimination based on sex is terrible, there are other forms of discrimination that also exist. Any movement that focuses on only one kind of oppression is (intentionally or not) putting all other issues on the back burner.

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